Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Merlin (aka Pigeon Hawk) Photos

Around 5:15pm yesterday I stepped outside to capture this female Merlin perched high atop a neighbor's tree. To get "close" enough, I grabbed one of my scopes and set it to about 1000mm (its focal length range is 650mm to 1300mm), which translates into about 2000mm as I'm using a four-thirds camera (Olympus E-3). As the sun had just set, there wasn't much available light, but I'm still pretty happy with the pics. Some of my camera settings were: ISO 800, shutter speed around 1/30-1/60, spot-metering, mirror lock-up set to 2 seconds; scope is manual focus.

If you're new to photography or just enjoy it in general, then I recommend you check out my YouTube Channel, as I have created a photography series where I explain and demonstrate many of these topics.

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