Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photography with Imre Z. Balint: Episode 13 - Flashes Part 1

Finally! I managed to assemble Episode 13 of my Photography Series introducing flashes and the guide number. And if you've watched the video then you've probably noticed that there will indeed be several more episodes to come that will nicely round out all the other wonderful things flashes can do and be used for. The next episode in particular will be on what the flash sync speed is and the episode after that... well you'll just have to wait to find out!

Oh and guess what? That's right! It's once again too late for me to write up my supplemental blog post for this video tonight, so yup, check back tomorrow evening and I should be done by then.

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  1. Hi Imre,
    I just became a Facebook fan and now I am following your blog. As I wrote on your Facebook wall, information on flash photography and lighting is of importance to me at the moment. I'll start reading here and work my way up your episode guide :-)
    -Linda G.

  2. Hi Imre, I am a doctor from India and a new entrant to photography. Your blog is like a god-send to me for it is full of so much info all-in-one-place that i feel overjoyed. Keep up the good work bro.

  3. Hello Doctor, thank you kindly for your comments and I'm happy to hear you're enjoying my blog!


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