Sunday, March 14, 2010

Part 2: Photography with Imre Episode 15 - Flashes Part 3: Red-Eye

I must say that I was quite surprised during my script writing for this episode to discover how much a seemingly simple topic such as red-eye could envelop. There's a wee bit of biology involved and numerous techniques available to either lessen the impact of or eliminate red-eye.

The tough part almost always seems to come down to under what circumstances do you use a particular method and frankly there's hardly an easy answer to that. But what I can add in addition to the video is that if you are using a digital SLR with a hot-shoe mounted flash, chances are that for most shoots involving people you won't have to worry about red-eye occurring; the flash is far enough away from the lens (large parallax) that its bright light won't reflect back into the lens from the retinas glaring back at you.

For more info on red-eye, check out the links below.

Next week (well hopefully next week) should conclude my flash mini-series, and by should I mean that in the future I'll likely still cover flash related topics that are more geared to some niche aspects (e.g. lighting small subjects for macro photography). The topics for part four include the two popular slow-sync modes, first and second curtain, as well as using fill flash.

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