Friday, April 2, 2010

Episode 1 Errata and New Videos on the Way

Thanks to a sharp eyed person, some miisstteeeks were found in Episode 1 of my photography series. First, when giving an f-number, the correct notation is f/# (e.g. f/22 or f/5.6). Notice the "/" (forward slash)? It may seem like a small omission, but unless some viewers read through the websites I listed in the supplemental post to this episode, then the fractional nature may have been missed. Another way of writing an f-number is 1/4. So, in my video I've said that the larger the f-number the smaller the aperture. But, f/22 (or 1/22) is smaller than f/4 (or 1/4); we shouldn't just be considering the denominator. The fractions do make this easier to see. And, I misspelled the word "aperture" in a few places throughout the video! 8^P

As time has progressed, I feel Ive improved my videos and indeed looking back at the early ones I can see the difference. A few weeks ago I contemplated doing new versions of some of the early shows, and on the drawing are Episode 1 and 2 thus far, which will also include better diagrams and perhaps some animations to more thoroughly explain the topics. I want to ensure that my videos are indeed accurate, so if you wonderful viewers out there do spot something that is off, please feel free to fire off a message to me.

Lastly, another user ok-ed me to do a flash tutorial using the Olympus FL-50 based on her questions, so hopefully either Saturday or Sunday you'll see that episode go live! RAW vs. JPEG is coming along nicely too; you'll likely see that one in a week or two. For those of you who get a long weekend, have a great one!

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