Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lightning Photography - Photography with Imre - Episode 22

I had a lot of fun creating this episode on how to photograph lightning, and I have quite a bit more to say in my supplemental post, which as usual I will write up another day. Once again it's a tad late... and strangely, I am really craving cereal right now. So off I go to eat and I hope that you enjoy this episode!

Oh! And before I run off, thank you to the viewers who sent in some great topic requests, which I'll be working on for future episodes; namely High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and infrared photography. Tres cool!



  1. Great tutorial! I managed to teach myself this technique in Brazil with my E-500. I didnt have a tripod at the time tho, so I had to hold the camera up against a wall outside! Here are a few of my results. The lightning was literally on top of me:!/album.php?aid=13119&id=1419228563&ref=pb

  2. Hi Sean! Those are great shots! You weren't kidding either, that lightning is right above you! And considering you just held the camera against a wall, those shots came out great!


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