Thursday, July 8, 2010

HDR Photography, Part 1 - Photography with Imre - Episode 25

Hey look! It's only three in the afternoon and I've just finished episode 25 on high dynamic range (HDR) photography. I've got a few thoughts to add to this episode, but duty calls so the supplemental post will have to wait another day or so. Nonetheless, enjoy the show! L8r.


  1. Hey, great video! I actually do HDR a different way (I referred to it as cheating the other day hahaha)

    I take one picture (normally exposed) in RAW format. I've got an Olympus E-500, and the RAW files store LOTS of data, photos are around 14MB each. I then take that one RAW photo, and pop it into lightroom, and create 5 different exposures from it (lightroom is great for reading the RAW files). Generally -1, -0.5, 0, 0.5, 1. I throw those shots (now .jpg) into photomatix pro, and create the HDR from there, playing with all the settings until I'm happy. Here are a few of my results, I made a little html page linking images off of my facebook, to save you some trouble:

  2. Sweet shots! They have a really neat atmospheric, artsy (in a very good way) feel to them; love the black and white bridge pic!

    I see what you mean now. RAW format will certainly give you an extra stop or two over JPEG and I've seen techniques where people stretch a single RAW file to get an HDR-like image, although your method gives you some more interesting results. Ha, I still have my old E-500 too. Thanks for sharing Sean!


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