Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Splish Splash My Dog Dries in a Flash

I've had this shot on my Flickr photostream for a few days now, but I couldn't help post it here along with a quick tip on freezing motion (click pic for larger versions):

I doubt one can tell that I was casually drifting on a lake a few meters from the shore in my little inflatable boat when I took this. In hand was my E-P2 with the 70-300mm lens (of course using the four thirds adapter ring as that lens mount is not micro). Auto-focus was on and set to the center dot, which I generally prefer, and since Daisy was ecstatic to be outdoors and swimming in the lake, slow shutter speeds were not going to cut it as she was moving about quite quickly. According to the EXIF data, I shot this at a focal length of 70mm and my aperture was set to f/7.1. Funny thing is I actually meant the aperture to be f/8 as I find this lens is tack sharp there, but close enough as they say; I'm certainly pleased with the result. I addition, using a small aperture here also meant getting a larger depth of field, again great for an excitable dog that won't stand still for long... or at all.

As you can see, the sun was still high up and hardly any clouds were present, so I could've used a sensitivity around 200 ISO which would've keep my sensor noise to a bare minimum. But such a setting meant having a shutter speed far too slow to ensure a sharp capture of Daisy. Thus, as you can expect, I turned up the ISO to 800 and voila, the exposure time decreased drastically; the shutter speed for this photo is 1/1250 sec. I must also add that this was a lucky shot too, as I only took one exposure; the drive was on single, not high-speed sequential. And never will I hesitate to use this little cam at such high sensitivity levels again. Since I shot this in RAW I could easily vary the noise reduction slider and I think I used 60 or 65 for this (luminance, for color I leave it at 25), which I feel was quite aggressive. A setting of about 45-50 would've done the job as well. If I keep getting shots like this from the E-P2, I have a feeling my E-3 isn't going to get as much action (unless I need faster auto-focusing or for whatever reason decide to shoot in poor weather).

Times have been a tad busy for my lately, but I'm aiming to complete the macro photography episode this weekend, so do keep an eye out for that. L8r!

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