Monday, December 6, 2010

Daisy ponders the angles of the wooden shark

I know, I know! I'm a tad overdue in writing up that supplemental blog post to my camera maintenance and care video; soon, really, seriously, soon!

I've finally posted a couple of photos of my wooden shark, which turned out quite well; the grain is just amazing as it flows along the body. She's essentially done except for a couple of coats of varnish to protect her delicate skin. In total I think I've spent around 17 hours on this project, most of that on sanding, detail work and a little pyrography to etch the eyes, nose, gills and mouth. I'm fairly sure what my next project will be and as soon as my mind makes itself up and I have a bit of that piece going, I'll post a pic of two of it. I'll also have to start using a vice of some sort for future work though, as there were a few moments where one would have come in very handy to free up both of my hands; this was especially apparent when using the rotary tool.

Also, I couldn't help but snap a few of shots of Daisy, my cute Golden Retriever. On Facebook I wrote a couple of quick tips as reminders to accompany the photos. The first is in regard to focusing on the eyes when taking pictures of animals. This may be easier said than done as our beloved house pets don't always make good stationary models. But as with photographs of people, the eyes can covey all sorts of emotions and sharp peepers will tell a better story than blurry ones in most cases. The second tip touched upon using unusual angles. Although they don't work for every image or type of subject, on occasion it can be fun to experiment with. The "aerial" view of Daisy didn't do her justice and just flattened her furry body into the carpet (yes, I know, it's really filthy!). But by shooting her from ground level, her paws seem to reach out at you and there is much more of a dimensional quality to the image. If only my carpet was cleaner and the background more aesthetic, I would've had a really cool photo. Then again, I wouldn't have captured this fun little moment with my dog. Sometimes you just have to take the shot when you can.


  1. Nice shark! are they hand carved? Very nice!

  2. Thank you Gary! Yes, the little fellow is hand carved; some use of a rotary tool for detail work, but nothing computerized.


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