Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Astrophotography, Part 1 - Photography with Imre - Episode 32

After a few solid days of work, the introduction to astrophotography video is finally done!

I will have a lot more to write about in the supplemental post and to provide a little teaser I'll be including additional details in regard to telescopes, calculating magnification and other tidbits about astrophotography that I couldn't reasonably get into this episode.


  1. Nice video Imre! What are you thoughts on white balance when taking pictures of star trails? I have heard to set white balance to tungsten to give the night sky a blue color to it. Would this look unnatural though? Will have to try it out absolutely!

  2. Thank you Gary. Personally I mostly shoot RAW when taking such photos and then I simply set the temperature to what I find works best for the pic. I think this offers some flexibility and makes it easier to correct for varying degrees of color cast (e.g. depending on cloud cover or moisture content in the air, light pollution may not be as severe or vice-versa). In addition, it may also come down to a matter of taste, but I do remember seeing some images that I thought were quite harshly blue and looked a little unusual.


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