Monday, February 14, 2011

Woot! I got accepted in the YouTube Partner Program!

I certainly got what I consider a really cool Valentine's Day treat! A few months ago I decided to apply for the YouTube Partner Program and this afternoon my inbox presented me with the surprise. Although I did have some work to do today, I couldn't help but put it aside so I could enable some of those nifty features on my channel like that awesome banner atop the page. As time permits, I'll also be updating many of the video thumbnails to something a little more catchy. And... woohoo!!

Aside from that, around the middle of this week I'll start working on my next video, which will be on the topic of action photography. In fact, I've already been jotting down a few ideas and doing some research that has whipped around how I'll be organizing the show. I will only tease you now, but after the episode has been produced I'll do some explaining in the supplemental post.

Here's a quick fun fact before I end off this post. My last name, Balint, which is Hungarian, translates into English as Valentine. And in Hungary there is a name associated with every day of the year, so of course today is Balint day; here's a Wiki article on it... happens to be in Hungarian, but using Chrome should translate the page adequately. So there ya go.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


  1. Dude, congrats!!! Much success to you on your YT partnership.
    Quick question: How long does it take (roughly) to go from concept to final product on a video? I ask because all of your videos are amazingly thorough and time-efficient.
    BTW, thanks again for your thoughts on full-frame and cropped sensor dSLRs. I'll be FINALLY making my first purchase within the next two-three weeks. Full-frame it dilemma now is whether to get the 5D MII or wait for it's successor. (What a wonderful dilemma to have)

  2. Congratulation Imre. Glad to hear you had a very good Balint Day. Looking forward to your next post. Best Wishes always.

  3. UltraOffie: Thank you sir! That indeed ended up being a great day. :D

    MM2: Thank you and I'm glad I could be of some assistance with the sensor matter! And to answer your question, it does depend on the episode and the topic, but the range varies from some being done in one or two days to taking as long as a week (anywhere from 6-12 hours a day). Since I've had a few people ask about this, I'll be writing up a blog post about how I go about producing an episode from start to finish. And I wish you good luck with your camera choice! If I had some cash to spare, I certainly wouldn't mind having a full-frame machine around.


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