Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time-lapse of Mammatus Clouds

Well I finally uploaded a new video to my YouTube Channel! A quick thunderstorm passed over Calgary and just after it was gone and the rain subsided, I grabbed my Oly E-P2 and snapped away at the sunset lit mammatus cloud formations at the trailing edge of the storm. Old habits die hard and once again it's quite late, so I'll be writing up a second part to this post detailing how I created this video. Enjoy the quick show! L8r!


  1. Man that's really cool! Although 120 frames is done really quickly, it gave a really cool effect!
    But what's up with the music xD?

  2. Yea, next time I'll try to grab my tripod instead of hand holding the camera. My intent really was just to take a few stills for fun, but I soon realized that a time-lapse would be quite neat to do. And that's my music! LOL I did that song about 10 years ago and recently self-published an album with some of my tunes on it.


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